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The South African National Biodiversity Institute is responsible for exploring, revealing, celebrating and championing biodiversity for the benefit and enjoyment of all South Africans.

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Last updated on 10 January 2014
22 April 2014
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By determining the genetic relationship between the different populations Dr Keshni Gopal has helped to identify smaller population units. Knowledge of such units is vital to ensure effective conservation management strategies.

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14 April 2014

The WCBF 2010 is a "stitched-up" map of the entire Western Cape. It integrates key biodiversity information relevant to land use such as Protected Areas, CBAs and ESAs into a single layer.

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03 April 2014

Specifically designed in harmony with nature, this year's innovative exhibit will feature vegetation from four natural habitat types integrated with outstanding examples of unique local architecture and other examples of nature-inspired design.

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