Succulent Karoo Programme (SKEP)

What we do

The success of the Succulent Karoo Programme is due to a committed partnership in supporting conservation and sustainable development activities in the Succulent Karoo Hotspot.

The Succulent Karoo Programme is involved in the following activities:

  • Securing land in priority areas
  • Expanding partnerships
  • Linking livelihoods and biodiversity
  • Building local government capacity
  • Strengthening linkages between natural and social science and management in the Succulent Karoo
  • Capitalising on climate change and renewable energy
  • Involving the mining sector
  • Raising awareness 

Where we work 

  • Greater Richtersveld
  • Bushmanland Inselbergs
  • Central Namaqualand Coast
  • Namaqualand (Kamiesberg) Uplands
  • Knersvlakte
  • Hantam/Tanqua Roggeveld
  • Central Little Karoo
  • Central Breede River Valley

Reason for our programme

The Succulent Karoo has breathtaking scenery, interesting endemic animals, a geological paradise and a coastal strip, and some of the oldest communities who still follow a traditional lifestyle.

The Succulent Karoo has about 6 300 plant species of which 38% are endemic. In addition to its annual flower displays, it boasts a large number of geophytes and dwarf succulents.

What we have achieved

  • Protected areas doubled
  • Half a million hectares better managed
  • New discoveries made
  • Conservation jobs created
  • Social capital strengthened
  • State support secured
  • More support mobilised
  • Industry brought on board

Who we are

The SKEP partnership is currently being co-ordinated and governed by an Interim Steering Committee whose Secretariat role is based and being provided by the Hantam National Botanical Garden.

How to contact us

Tel: +27 (0)27 218 1117

Email: Eugene Marinus

How you can contribute

Last updated on 05 September 2017
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