Seasons: Autumn at Kirstenbosch

Autumn falls in the months of April and May. The weather is cool and changeable, and the first winter storms will bring welcome rain to the Cape during autumn.

See a selection of images of Autumn flowering plants at Kirstenbosch

Blue, purple, pink and white spurflowers (Plectranthus spp.) dominate the Garden at this time of the year. There are many species and cultivars of these easy-to-grow, shade-loving, herbaceous groundcovers.

Early autumn is the time to see the different species of Nerine in flower, from the dainty pink species to the stunning, gold-dusted red nerine, also known as the Guernsey lily, (Nerine sarniensis). These sought-after bulbs can be seen in the Kay Bergh Bulb House in the Botanical Society Conservatory in April.  Autumn is also a good time to spot the diminutive stone plants, like Argyroderma delaetii, in flower in the Conservatory.

The fynbos has sprung to life again, having survived the heat and drought of summer. Many species, including a wide variety of proteas are flowering.

  Average Temperature Average Rainfall and Rainy Days
April Max: 12.7 °C Min: 21.9 °C 107.3 mm; 9 days
May Max: 10.7 °C Min: 19.3 °C 161.2 mm; 12 days



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Last updated on 26 May 2015
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