Seasons: Early Summer at Kirstenbosch

November marks the beginning of summer. The weather is now becoming hot and dry with fewer and fewer rainy days. The spring annuals have finished flowering and the beds are being replanted with the summer annuals.

See a selection of Early summer flowering plants at Kirstenbosch

The most striking plants now are the tall, yellow spikes of Wachendorfia thyrsiflora in the main garden, and a lovely flowering shrub to look out for in the Dell and the Camphor Avenue is the forest bell bush (Mackaya bella).

Some fynbos plants are still flowering, including many pincushions (Leucospermum spp.) and heaths (Erica spp.). Look out for the beautiful nodding heads of the unusual mountain dahlia, (Liparia splendens), a member of the Legume Family (Fabaceae) that at first glance may be mistaken for kind of protea.

Hard to miss in November-December are the magnificent Cape chestnuts (Calodendrum capense), their canopies turn pink, covered in large panicles of exquisite, delicate blooms. Another flowering tree to look out for is the weeping boer-bean (Schotia brachypetala), with its coppery new growth and deep red, nectar-filled flowers that attract many birds.

A feature of the garden from late winter into summer are the pelargoniums, also known by many as geraniums, (Pelargonium spp.) They flower profusely in shades of red, purple, pink and white and many have beautiful, fragrant foliage. Gardeners are familiar with the modern zonal, regal and ivy-leaved hybrids in garden centres. At Kirstenbosch you can see the parents of these hybrids, and many other beautiful and unusual species.

  Average Temperature Average Rainfall and Rainy Days
Nov. Min: 12.7 °C
Max: 21.5 °C
47.9 mm; 7 days

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Last updated on 26 May 2015
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