Seasons: Late Summer at Kirstenbosch

March marks the end of the summer. The days are still warm and sunny but by now are noticeably shorter and the weather is becoming cooler with the promise of rain to come.

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When you see the fragrant, pink trumpets of the March lily (Amaryllis belladonna), you know that autumn is just around the corner. At this time of the year you will also see wild Tibouchina (Dissotis princeps) and the sagebushes (Syncolostemon spp.) on the Main Lawn and around the Dell and the Koppie.  You won't miss the bright orange or white pom-pons of the lion's ear, also known as wild dagga, (Leonotis leonurus), which flowers throughout the summer into autumn, and is at its best in late summer.

This time of year is also the peak flowering season for the pride of de Kaap, (Bauhinia galpinii), with its vibrant orange flowers and beautiful rounded leaves. There are a few lovely specimens to be seen in the Garden, but the most magnificent bushes are those tumbling over the walls beside the Bell Tower Gate at the main entrance to Kirstenbosch. Up in the Erica Garden you will see the deep blue flowers of Nivenia corymbosa, an unusual woody irid from the fynbos.

  Average Temperature Average Rainfall and Rainy Days
March Min: 14.6 °C Max: 24.1 °C 28.6 mm; 5 days
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Last updated on 26 May 2015
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