Seasons: Midsummer at Kirstenbosch

The Cape summer is characterised by long, hot, sunny days and virtually no rain. Plants from the summer rainfall areas of South Africa reach their full flowering splendour in mid to late summer.

See a selection of Midsummer flowering plants at Kirstenbosch

Agapanthus steal the show, in shades of blue and white, short and tall, they are everywhere. The evergreen species flower in early-to mid summer, and the deciduous species, with their unusual pendulous flowers, flower from mid-until late summer.

During these hot, dry months, the cool, shady and well-watered areas of Kirstenbosch, such as the Camphor Avenue and the Dell, are most inviting. Here under the trees during February you will find the spectacular bright orange fireball lily, (Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katharinae) and the dainty streptocarpus, also known as wild gloxinia or Cape primrose (Streptocarpus species), with their trumpet flowers in shades of violet, blue, lilac and white.

Visitors that enter the Garden via the Centre for Home Gardening during January are greeted by the magnificent purple canopy of the huge umzimbeet (Millettia grandis). Look closely and you will see that the flowers are large upright inflorescences at the tips of the branches, made up of many 'pea' flowers.

  Average temperature Average Rainfall and Rainy Days
 Dec. Min: 14.3 °C
Max: 23.4 °C
32.2 mm; 5 days
Jan. Min: 15.4 °C
Max: 24.6 °C
23.8 mm; 5 days
Feb. Min 15.6 °C
Max: 25.0 °C
32.9 mm; 4 days



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Last updated on 10 November 2014
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