Seasons: Summer at Pretoria NBG

November to February are our summer months. The average summer temperature is a pleasant 27 - 28ºC. Days can sometimes be very warm and temperatures may reach 36ºC. Rain falls in the summer months, the annual amounts fluctuating from year to year.

Bauhinia sp.

In years of good rainfall, the Garden is a lush green and a pleasure to visit. Masses of large, apricot-red flowers of Bauhinia galpinii (pride of De Kaap) line the entrance.

The yellow-green pineapple plant (Eucomis autumnalis) and Crinum bulbispermum (Orange/ Gariep river lily) make a visit to the Medicinal Garden worthwhile. Huge clumps of Helichrysum splendidum (Cape gold), a medium-sized herbaceous plant with attractive silver-grey foliage and masses of deep canary-yellow flowers, have been planted in the beds near the Ndebele huts.

Eucomis autumnalis

The natural grassland in the Garden is another must-see. A large variety of grasses and wildflowers are in bloom and it is a time when visitors can fully appreciate all the treasures of the grassland.

A spectacular indigenous creeper Combretum microphyllum (flame creeper) is breathtakingly beautiful when in full bloom during October and November. It is certainly one of our most beautiful creepers with its bright red flowers and dark green foliage. Look out for it in the Succulent Garden.

Many trees are in bloom all over the Garden and some trees, such as the fig trees, are in fruit, which is a great attraction for fruit bats at night.

Water lilies (Nymphaea) fill the ponds in the wetland and amongst the reeds (Cyperus papyrus), near the Cycad Garden, Thick-Billed Weavers tend their nests and raise their chicks.

A stroll along the Dassie Trail is recommended. This self-guided trail wanders along the koppie and allows visitors to experience the type of vegetation natural to the area before people settled here. Dassies are frequently encountered along the trail, scurrying off with loud, high-pitched shrieks.

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