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  • Integrating ecosystem services into conservation assessments: A review
    The last two decades have seen general increase in the number of conservation assessments as well as research on ecosystem services. The concept of ecosystem services have garnered considerable academic attention with the publication of more than 2400 papers focusing on the ways to map, value and estimate these services (Brown et al., 2013) and how ecosystem services relate to biodiversity. Although biodiversity underpins most ecosystem services, there is a call to include ecosystem services into conservation assessments. The main reason to integrate them is to shift from strictly biodiversity conservation plans towards plans that include human well-being.
    (Source: Smiso Bhengu)
    Journal articles
    Smiso Bhengu
    Published 2017 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • How flower visitation of remnant grassland patches is affected by commercial timber plantations and an invasive alien species (Rubus cuneifolius)
    The study was conducted in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands within a commercial timber plantation and a neighbouring protected area (PA). Flower-visitor observations were carried out in uninvaded protected areas and RGPs and in protected areas and RGPs invaded by R. cuneifolius.
    Simone Hansen
    Published 2016 by University of Stellenbosch
    © University of Srellenbosch
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  • The effects of agriculture and alien plants on natural communities of plants, insect herbivores and parasitoids by Courtney Moxley
    I first determined whether insect pests spill-over from habitats transformed for agriculture into surrounding natural vegetation in a fragmented landscape. Patches of preserved natural vegetation alongside farmlands are believed to be the source of crop pests and farmers manage the natural vegetation as a form of pest control.
    Courtney Moxley
    Published 2016 by University of Stellenbosch
    © University of Stellenbosch
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  • Effects of a highly invasive plant (Lantana camara) on an agricultural flower visitation network by Lyndré Nel
    This study was conducted on the margins of three mango farms and bordering natural vegetation. Firstly, L. camara’s effect on mango flower visitation was investigated by comparing flower visitationto mango in plots with and without L. camara nearby.
    Lyndre Nel
    Published 2016 by University of Stellenbosch
    © University of Stellenbosch
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  • New toad species found
    Professor Krystal Tolley, South African National Biodiversity Institute,says this is not the only challenge.The frog is small, the size of a R2 coin, it’s cryptically colored and lives in open fynbos. Most significant is that it’s unable to call to attract a mate.
    Journal articles
    Prof. krystal Tolley
    Published 2017 by Bulletin Thursday March 16 2017 9
    © SANBI
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  • Conservation status and threats for African reptiles
    The assimilation of information on taxonomy, distribution, basic ecology and conservation Status of Africa's reptiles lags far behind that formost other continents.Many regions of mainland Africa are rarely surveyed, resulting in severe knowledge gaps that currently limit effective conservation of African reptiles
    Journal articles
    Krystal A. Tolley a,b,⁎, Graham J. Alexander c,William R. Branch d,e, Philip Bowles f, Bryan Maritz
    b, Bryan Maritz, e, Graham J. Alexander c, Krystal A. Tolley a, Philip Bowles f, William R. Branch d, ⁎
    Published 2017 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • November 2016 E-News article
    SANBI's accreditation with the Green Climate Fund
    Tshindane M
    Tshindane M
    Published 2016 by sanbi
    © Tshindane m
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    SANBI Bookshop Catalogue
    SANBI Bookshop Catalogue.
    SANBI corporate documents
    Turck S, Fouche E
    Published 2015 by SANBI Publishing
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  • SANBI Bookshop order form
    Order form for ordering books from SANBI Bookshop, can be e-mailed or faxed.
    How to access
    Access the document via link provided
    SANBI corporate documents
    Sandra Turck
    Published 2013 by SANBI Publishing
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  • Notice to all prospective service providers (Feb 2016)
    SANBI corporate documents
    Published 2016 by SANBI
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