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  • Research Assistants Application Cover sheet
    Published 2018 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • Biodiversity for Development
    A publication showcasing groundbreaking work on biodiversity conservation in South Africa. It highlights innovative work carried out to promote biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development through partnerships between the South African government, a range of stakeholders and international partners such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF).
    Published 2010 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • From Whitehill to Worcester
    The history of the Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden. Where it started, why it moved and what happened to the land at Whitehill after the Garden moved to Worcester.
    (Source: Veld & Flora Vol 92 (1) March)
    Journal articles
    Willis C. Smith G., Oliver I.
    Viljoen D
    Published 2006 by Botanical Society
    © Botanical Society of South Afica
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  • The Buzz for Food - Facilitators' Guide
    A guideline for Facilitators using 'The Buzz for Food' film as a medium to provoke discussion. 'The Buzz for Food' was developed as part of SANBI's projects on pollination and honeybees.
    Poole C, Mswazi M
    Published 2013 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • Lowveld NBG Garden Map
    Illustrated map of the Lowveld National Botanical Garden.
    Ferreira Linette
    Published 2008 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • MPAH case studies
    As part of the MPAH Learning Network project, the South African National Biodiversity Institute in partnership with Wildlands Conservation Trust compiled a series of case studies highlighting work done by projects in the hotspot.
    Books and booklets
    External documents
    Policy documents
    SANBI biodiversity series
    SANBI corporate documents
    SANBI,Wildlands and cepf
    Published 2016 by SANBI
    © SANBI
  • Push-pull For Sugar Pest Control Farmers
    South African sugarcane farmers’ most serious pest is a small grey moth that lives naturally in wetlands on the East Coast. They’ve recently found that if they keep wetlands intact, the natural vegetation draws the pest out of the crop.
    Cockburn J , Koopman V
    Published 2015 by SANBI
    © WWF
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  • Dam busters
    Ecological infrastructure Case study 3
    Dini J, Legge K
    Published 2015 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • The Buzz Factor
    Ecological Infrastructure Case Study 9.
    Poole C.
    Published 2015 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • YES project
    Published 2018 by sanbi
    © sanbi
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