The brunsvigias might be flowering towards mid-April! (UPDATE)

03 April 2014

Brunsvigia bosmaniae (Maartblom)

The Hantam National Botanical Garden received 18mm of rain between the 23rd and 25th of March and another 15mm on the 2nd of April.  Although it is not as much as last year's 50mm that fell on the 31st of March and the 1st of April 2013 we are hopeful about seeing the Brunsvigia bosmaniae in bloom during mid-April.

For those of you that have been waiting in anticipation for this news we would suggest that you phone the office sometime during the week of the 7th of April before you make any final decisions.

Unfortunately we cannot say for sure when, or even whether we'll see the spectacular Brunsvigias in bloom this year.  We looked at the amount and dates of rainfall in previous seasons and it seems the amount of rain might not be the only trigger. Temperature and follow-up rains might play a role as well.

To avoid disappointment please phone the office on 027 2181200


The Brunsvigias are blooming after a very hot and dry summer and although they are not quite as spectacular as last year, coming to see them is still worthwhile. It is difficult to predict how long they will last, but this weekend (11-13 April) will be a good time to visit Nieuwoudtville and the Hantam NBG.

These photos were taken on Wednesday 9 April 2014.

Brunsvigias 9 April 2014 bBrunsvigias - 9 April 2014 a

Once in Nieuwoudtville please come to the Garden office or phone us on 027 2181200 and we will direct you to the best Brunsvigia spots.

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