Centenary Bonsai collection for Kirstenbosch

28 March 2013

 Bonsai trees at KirstenboschMany of the best botanical gardens around the world house their own bonsai exhibits which adds a unique and interesting perspective into the world of horticulture, and with the help of the Western Cape Bonsai project committee, Kirstenbosch has now joined the ranks of those prestigious gardens.  The art of growing bonsai is becoming ever more popular, particularly in South Africa and especially so in the Western Cape with seven active Bonsai clubs around the province.

The collection comprises ten mature and spectacular bonsai trees which have been kindly loaned to Kirstenbosch by various bonsai nurseries around Cape Town.  The trees vary in age from 15 years to 150 years old and are all indigenous.  There is a Monkey Thorn (Acacia galpinii), five Wild Figs (Ficus natalensis) with their impressive woven and knotted roots, and 3 spectacular Wild Olives (Olea europaea subsp. africana), the oldest and largest of which is 150 years old, its gnarled and bleached trunk telling the story of its history as a wild tree – he’s affectionately named ‘Oliver’.  This tree has been donated by the Oyama Bonsai kai.

Come and see these magnificent trees for yourself!

For further information about bonsai clubs in the Western Cape you can visit:


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