SANBI launches new BGIS tools

03 July 2017

bgis new tools 1South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is pleased to announce the launch of four new BGIS tools. Users can now plot coordinate points, export drawings, upload data, as well as add layers to their map.

1. Plot Coordinates

This tool allows users to plot coordinate points by clicking on the map. Points can also be added to the map by typing in the latitude and longitude coordinates.

2. Export Drawings

The ‘Export Drawings’ tool enables users to export their drawings as a shapefile.

3. Upload Data

Users can add data to their map either as a shp, csv, xlsx, kml, gpx or file GDB. FileGDB and shape files need to be placed in a zipped folder prior to being uploaded to the system; however it is not necessary for gpx, kml, xlsx and csv files. The data’s appearance can also be modified by changing “Line Style”, “Fill Style” and “Line Width” of the data.

4. Add Layers

Users may now search for map services (online map layers), and add it to their map.

For any additional advice on how to use these tools contact or call (021) 799 8738.

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