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Learning by doing: Small Grants Facility project improves climate change adaptation responses in Kamiesberg

Through the "Two Communities Adapting Together" project, which is being led by the Environmental Monitoring Group, a workshop was held in Soebatsfontein to demonstrate response measures to local community members of the Soebatsfontein and Suid Bokkeveld villages. mediumWorking with the Environmental Monitoring Group, a local specialist provided a training session to 30 local workshop participants who included men, women and the youth on climate change responses. Discussions about options for responding to climate impacts such as extreme heat and water scarcity led to hands-on skills development demonstrations on installing rainwater harvesting infrastructure and household insulation measures. Future training workshops and skills development exercises are planned for designing vegetable gardens and installing compost toilets in the two communities. 

Following these workshops a "How-To" guide will be developed with the help of Ute Schmiedel from the University of Hamburg in the Afrikaans local language. This will help other community members in the region with installing and replicating the projects adaptation responses in the future. 

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