Applied Biodiversity Research


What we do

The Applied Biodiversity Research Division undertakes and co-ordinates biodiversity research and monitoring that provides a scientific knowledge base for decision making. The diverse portfolio of projects deals with contemporary issues relating to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and the contribution of biodiversity to sustainable development. The research is guided by the SANBI mandate as contained in the National Environmental Management-Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) as well as the priority actions in the National Biodiversity Framework.


Reason for our programme

The underlying objective of the research and monitoring is to develop a predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics within the context of a changing environment and ongoing interactions between people and biodiversity.

The research is organized into interactive programmes that focus on three broad areas relating to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development:

Areas of Research

blue cranes

There are also three important cross cutting functions that contribute to all the research areas, i.e.

Last updated on 03 April 2014