SANBI has established a Bioregional Programmes Co-ordination Unit based in East London (hosted by the Eastern Cape Parks Board), to co-ordinate the implementation strategies and action plans for the bioregional programmes within the Eastern Cape.

What we do

The Unit has a broad range of functions relating to the development, implementation, co-ordination and mainstreaming biodiversity programmes in the Eastern Cape. More specific roles and responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Esatablish and support an effectively functioning Eastern Cape Implementation Committee. ECIC is a co-operative governance partnership, through which participating agencies can co-ordinate their biodiversity management activities, and align their environmental, social and economic development goals with bioregional plans
  • Establishing and mantaining effective information flow and active communication networks
  • Providing technical advice and biodiversity expertise to stakeholders
  • Playing an advisory role for the implementation and integration of bioregional plans and associated conservation management programmes in the Eastern Cape

The Unit plays a major role in facilitating mainstreaming biodiversity into planning and development through the development of the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Conservation Plan. Eastern Cape Biodiversity Conservation Plan is the new biodiversity planning product developed for the Eastern Cape Province in order to mainstream biodiversity into the municipal planning process, in particular the Spatial Development Frameworks (SDFs), in protecting biodiversity and promoting appropriate development.

Reason for our Programme

The overall goal of the Eastern Cape Biodiversity Conservation Plan (ECBCP) is to facilitate sustainable development in the Eastern Cape, by ensuring that the province’s ecosystems continue to deliver vital services for human well-being:

  • Providing information that strengthens land-use planning and streamlines environmental decision-making
  • Enhance effective conservation and management of biodiversity
  • Guiding the expansion of the provincial protected area network

Who we are

Key Partners of Eastern Cape Unit

  • Eastern Cape Biodiversity stakeholder groupings in the conservation
  • Nature conservation agencies including Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency and WESSA
  • National, provincial and local governement departments, local authorities (planning, environmental management and conservation)
  • Tertiary and reaserch institutions
  • Economic, development and community development sectors

Who to contact

Kamva Qwede

South African National Biodiversity Institute
No. 06 St Marks
East London

Tel: +2743 705 4460
Fax: +2786 621 8049

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