Date: Jun 2, 2018

Time: 08:30 - 16:00

Location: Environmental Education Centre

Join Hencke Marais, herpetologist from Tshwane Nature Conservation who will be presenting his Theta accredited, comprehensive half-day workshop on snake identification that will introduce you to the snake species of southern Africa in all their diversity. Live snakes will be displayed during this session.

Snake myths and legends, snake bite treatment, venom types and snake handling are the topics that will be dealt with.Learn to how to handle dangerous snakes correctly and safely and get hands-on experience under Hencke’s supervision. Age restriction: children above 12 years old and adults.

The dangerous snake handling course entails methods on how to handle snakes properly as this can mean the difference between life and death. Get knowledge of the proper tools to use as well as different catching methods. Only 10 people are allowed per handling course and live dangerous snakes will be used for training purposes. Only adults allowed to do the handling course.

Entrance charge: Snake Identification Course R600 (Adults and children over 12 years old) Snake Handling Course R1200 (you have to do the identification course first before you will be allowed to do the snake handling course. Only adults allowed to do this course. Only 10 people allowed to do the snake handling course Course fees include the Garden entrance.

Speaker: Hencke Marais

How to book: Pre-booking only. Please e-mail Linette on or call (012) 854 5053/5000 to book or for more information

Event venue: Environmental Education Centre.

Snake Identification and Snake Handling Course.

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