Kirstenbosch NBG: Vygie Beds

Vygie Beds looking northwards towards Fernwood Peak

Vygies (pronounced fay-gh-ease) also known as ice-plants or midday flowers, are small shrubby succulents, in the family Mesembryanthemaceae. They transform into a kaleidoscope of iridescent colour in late spring (September-October), brilliant pinks, purple, magenta, yellow and white - just about every colour but blue. See more spring flowers at Kirstenbosch.

Drosanthemum speciosum 'yellow'Their flowers attract bees and other insects, which do the job of pollination. They earned the common name vygies, which means litte figs, because their fruits resemble those of the true fig. You will find plants mainly from the genera Lampranthus, Drosanthemum, Delosperma and Ruschia.

The family Mesembryanthemaceae, called mesemb for short, is the world's largest succulent family, with ± 123 genera and ± 1680 species, all of which occur in Africa, mostly in the southwestern parts of southern Africa.

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Last updated on 05 December 2014
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