Inviting a diversity of South Africans in; making the National Gardens accessible and more affordable; inviting people to co-invest in maintenance and management of the properties.

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), managing custodian of the South African National Botanical and Zoological Gardens, today unveils a SANBI membership scheme that optimises the affordability of visiting the National Botanical and Zoological Gardens and is engineered to expand the diversity of people who visit them.

The membership scheme comes into effect on 1 April 2024 at the commencement of the SANBI financial year. It enables people to become SANBI card-carrying members and enjoy unlimited access for a year to all South Africa’s National Botanical and Zoological Gardens.

In terms of the scheme, adult membership is R800 per annum. Membership for verified students is R600 per annum. Children (aged six to 17) pay R400 per annum. Children younger than six do not require membership to enter the national botanical gardens and those under the age of two enter free at the national zoological gardens. Pensioners require membership to enter every day except on those days when they may enter for free on Tuesdays in most gardens. Information on pensioner access and other fee structures applicable outside the membership is available under each garden webpage on the website.

“The introduction of the membership scheme comes after requests received from visitors to our gardens,” says Director of Marketing, Communication and Commercialisation, Nontsikelelo Mpulo. “We conducted market research and determined that an annual membership fees proposed is reasonable and accessible.”

Educational programmes in gardens will continue as normal with special reduced rates for schools and other educational research activities.

She adds that the rationale for introducing the membership scheme includes attracting a greater diversity of South Africans into the National Botanical Gardens. “For the annual fee, a person may visit the gardens as often as they like. It works out R3 per entry, per adult who visits five times per a week and it compares really well from an affordability point of view to present pay-per-entry fees at the gates of the National Botanical and Zoological Gardens.”

The Botanical Society of South Africa members who have purchased BotSoc memberships until 31 March 2024 will still qualify for the 10% discount on Garden entry fees for the annual membership validity period. Existing Botanical Society of South Africa Life Members and their guests will continue to receive unlimited garden access until the death of the primary member.

“Our country is one of the most biodiverse on earth,” Mpulo says. “It is certainly one of the most beautiful. The biodiversity of South Africa is celebrated and preserved in the National Botanical and Zoological Gardens where people come in their tens of thousands every year to enjoy the restorative and relaxing natural surrounds of these gorgeous urban-based properties.”

“The SANBI Gardens membership,” she adds, “will enable more people to enjoy these treasures of biodiversity, the beauty of South Africa’s great outdoors and the sheer joy of spending time with family and friends in well managed, accessible, and safe natural surrounds.

“SANBI will continue to strive for the highest maintenance standards at all garden,” says Ms Mpulo. “The scheme,”, “gives the South African public an opportunity to invest with us in biodiversity conservation and champion biodiversity sustainability alongside us while enhancing their health and wellbeing.”

Full details on membership are available here.

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