SANBI hosts fourth annual MAREP Forum

18 January 2018

Marep 1The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) successfully hosted the fourth annual Management, Research and Planning (MAREP) Forum on the 23rd and 24th of November 2017 at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden (NBG).

The forum was held over a period of two days under the theme ‘Unlocking and securing investments in the natural resource management sector’. This was a continuation of working sessions established in the third Executive MAREP in February.

 It provided a platform to highlight the progress made on the identified actions to unlock investments prospects in Natural Resources Management (NRM). These working sessions expanded the discussions on four identified themes, however, a new sub-theme was incorporated to find a link between NRM and Biodiversity Stewardship.  

Marep 2A robust discussion transpired to deepen understanding of conservation finance mechanisms to fund and grow the natural resource management sector.

The forum discussed water sector funding opportunities, international funding vehicles, making Global Climate Fund a case; corporate investments, Biodiversity Offsets and drawing a connection between Biodiversity Stewardship and NRM. 

The four established groups spent a lot of time deliberating on actions to be undertaken towards fulfilment of ‘Unlocking investments for NRM sector’ goal. These practical actions will be executed by designated theme members within stipulated timeframes.

Marep 4Amongst numerous actions identified, these are some of the essential to supplement the poorly funded NRM sector. This requires broadening and strengthening of partnerships and participation of more corporate representatives in Executive MAREP Forums.

Post event evaluation process further suggested the need to implicate other government departments with a comparable and overlapping conservation mandate.  This is a realisation that DEA-NRM cannot achieve this goal single-handedly, hence government, NGO, private sector engagement and collective effort is imperative.  

Marep 3Established thematic groups are expected to undertake to specific activities during the course of the year, then feedback to the entire community of practice in the following financial year.  

The separate groups will still be enabling and facilitating exchange of ideas and approaches where they are allowed to consult and engage with other parallel themes whilst embarking on similar actions towards unlocking investment one objective.

Marep 5   

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