SANBI launches Suricata, a new publication series

28 February 2014

Suricata 1

SANBI Publishing will soon be launching a new sister series to Strelitzia, Suricata. Suricata is the genus name of the suricate (meerkat) an animal that is near-endemic to the arid western parts of southern Africa.

The publication will prominently showcase the zoological part of SANBI’s work in addition to biodiversity information sourced via collaboration and networking.

The first Suricata will be launched in April/May 2014 in co-ordination with the Threatened Species Programme and ADU, which was responsible for the compilation of the Reptile Atlas.

Suricata 1: Atlas and Red List of the Reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland is edited by Michael F. Bates, William R. Branch, Aaron M. Bauer, Marius Burger, Johan Marais, Graham J. Alexander and Marienne S. de Villiers.

This Atlas and Red List details the outcomes of the Southern African Reptile Conservation Assessment (SARCA), the most thorough reptile assessment project ever conducted in Africa. The conservation status of the 422 recognised species and subspecies of reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland was evaluated against IUCN guidelines, based on detailed distribution maps, published literature and the collective expertise of leading herpetologists.

This important publication includes, for the first time, colour photographs of all snakes, lizards, tortoises, terrapins, turtles and crocodiles of the region, as well as detailed maps illustrating their ranges.

The Atlas will appeal not only to herpetologists, but also to other biologists, naturalists, conservation planners and managers, environmental consultants, legislators, and members of the public.

Hard cover. pp. 504.

ISBN 978-1-919976-84-6. Price: R400.00

For more information please contact the SANBI Bookshop.

UPDATE: Please note that the price of the second edition of the Reptile Atlas has increased to R475, and is subject to change.

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