The main dam, built by British troops to water their horses during the Anglo-Boer War (1899 – 1902), now serves as a permanent water feature and home to many water bird species. These include the Hadeda Ibis, Hamerkop, Egyptian Goose, Black Smith Plover, Rooibek-Eendjie (Redbilled Teal), Reed Commorant and Red Knobbed Coot.

Man-made dam in the garden

The dam lies at the foot of dolerite kopjes – small hills capped with rocky outcrops typical of the area.

A bird hide sits strategically on the edge of the dam towards the side of Koppie Trail and is ideal for bird watchers.

In 2006 this dam overflowed after good rains, following three very dry years. It also overflowed at the beginning of 2010. Due to heavy rainfalls during the summer, just at the beginning of March 2014, the dam overflowed and the water level in the dam is high once again.

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