The Fragrance Garden has been planted with a wide spectrum of aromatic plants, including shrubs, honeysuckle, lilies, pelargoniums, wild mint and wild garlic.

Fragrant wild garlic

Add an extra dimension to your garden by choosing plants that appeal to your nose as well as your eyes. Plant fragrant flowers near the house and outdoor living areas, or next to busy paths where they will be noticed and enjoyed every day. Plant or put pot plants with fragrant foliage near paths too, so you can enjoy the fragrance as you brush against them.

Plant a fragrant tree to shade your patio, or to create that perfect tranquil spot in a quiet corner. Plant a fragrant climber against the house, over an archway or the patio. A fragrant garden is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Come to Free State National Botanical Garden and keep your nose happy all seasons, even though not all aromatic plants may appeal to you – one gardener’s perfume is another gardener’s stink!

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