Operational hours

  • Monday – Sunday: 08h00-17h00

Please Note! Entrance fees may change on special events e.g. (concerts and shows).

Right of admission reserved!

Contact information


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Physical address

Rayton Rd, off Dan Pienaar Drive, R702, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Postal address:

P.O. Box 209036,

GPS co-ordinates:

26°12’42.2″E 29°03’10.7″S
Long 26.21178 Lat -29.05297

Number of People Fee Deposit to secure venue (non-refundable)
01-100 R5 498.00 R1 374.00
01-200 R10 996.00 R2 749.00
01-300 R16 493.00 R4 123.00
01-400 R21 991.00 R5 498.00
01-500 R27 489.00 R6 872.00

NB: The garden will charge a blanket fee of R35 000.00 from 600-1000 people thereafter R25pp. An additional 20% refundable deposit will be charged for all venues in the garden for damages depending on risk assessment by Garden Management. Set up fees (build up or breakdown) payable should the set-up fall outside of the venue booking date, at R1 000.00 per day (Before and After the event). Should build up or breakdown be done two days before and two days after the event, regular tariffs will apply.

Number of People Fee Deposit to secure venue (non- refundable)
01-20 R1 525.00 R381.00
01-40 R3 063.00 R766.00
01-60 R4 063.00 R1 016.00
01-80 R5 063.00 R1 266.00
01-100 R6 063.00 R1 516.00
01-120 R7 063.00 R1 766.00
01-140 R8 063.00 R2 016.00
01-160 R9 063.00 R2 266.00
01-180 R10 063.00 R2 516.00
01-200 R11 063.00 R2 766.00

Note: A negotiated discount for any organisation to a maximum of 25% may be given for all venues subject to approval by the Garden Manager.

No of People Fee Deposit to secure venue (non- refundable)
1-20 R763.00 R191.00
1-40 R1 531.00 R383.00
1-60 R2 031.00 R508.00
1-80 R2 531.00 R633.00
1-100 R3 031.00 R758.00
1-120 R3 531.00 R883.00
1-140 R4 031.00 R1 008.00
1-160 R4 531.00 R1 133.00
1-180 R5 031.00 R1 258.00
1-200 R5 531.00 R1 383.00


Rate per day from 10:00- 00:00
R 2 200.00 + plus entrance


Number of People Increase (new no increase) Deposit to secure venue
01-20 R1 820.00 R455.00
01-40 R3 640.00 R910.00
01-60 R5 460.00 R1 365.00
01-80 R7 280.00 R1 820.00
01-100 R9 100.00 R2 275.00
01-120 R10 920.00 R2 730.00
01-140 R12 740.00 R3 185.00
01-160 R14 560.00 R3 640.00
01-180 R16 380.00 R4 095.00
01-200 R18 200.00 R4 550.00
R2 200.00 + plus entrance fee


PRODUCTION/BROADCASTING (e.g., videography of movies, series, stories etc.)
R1 500.00
R 400.00 + Entrance fee
R60.00 Each + Entrance fee (Maximum of 5 Pallets)


R15.00 each (+) entrance fee
R 2 200.00 + plus entrance


R400.00 per bakkie bin


R 70.00 Weekly
R 140.00 Monthly


R 10.00 Each
R15.00 Each
R 50.00 Adults
R 30.00 Kids


Item Number Item Description unit of measure Adjusted Price per unit for 2023/24
1 300ml Cold drinks EACH R17.00
2 500ml Powerade EACH R22.00
4 500ml Sparkling water EACH R20.00
5 500ml Still water EACH R17.00
6 750ml Still water EACH R22.00
7 1.5 Litre Still water EACH R28.00
8 Tree route books EACH R22.00
9 Bird list books EACH R56.00
10 Post card small EACH R28.00
11 Post card EACH R62.00
12 National protected area expansion strategy for SA EACH R78.00
13 Freesia EACH R112.00
14 Botanical diversity EACH R56.00
15 Pollen wasps and flowers in SA EACH R224.00
16 Flora SA EACH R84.00
17 Gardens for the Nation EACH R112.00
18 Botanical Exploration EACH R358.00


19 Red List of SA plants EACH R448.00
20 Key rings EACH R39.00
21 Book mark EACH R11.00
22 Quality crafts worx EACH R56.00
23 clay pot EACH R73.00
24 Bracelets EACH R67.00
25 Licence sticker EACH R22.00
26 Metalic sticker EACH R22.00
27 lesotho small board EACH R22.00
28 traditional shoes EACH R224.00
29 T- shirt EACH R134.00
30 Posters EACH R13.00
31 Posters EACH R9.00
32 Quality crafts worx EACH R106.00
33 Lunch Bar EACH R16.00
34 Chips EACH R20.00


Nursery Price list 2023 – 2024
Botanical name Common name Bags size Price
Aeollanthus parvifolius Rock sage 2 Litre R34.00
Agapanthus sp Common agapanthus 2 Litre R35.00
Albuca nelsonii Wild Coast Albuca 2 Litre R39.00
Aloe arborescens Krantz aloe 2 Litre R56.00
Aloe grandidentata Soap aloe 2 Litre R56.00
Aloe maculate Mountain aloe 2 Litre R56.00
Aloiampelos ciliarus Climbing aloe 2 Litre R56.00
Aptenia cordifolia Baby sun rose 2 Litre R32.00
Arctotis arctotoides Butter-yellow daisy flowers 2 Litre R32.00
Artemisia absinthium Common wormwood 2 Litre R25.00


Asparagus densiflorus Emerald fern 2 Litre R56.00
Asystasia gangetica Creeping foxglove 2 Litre R32.00
Barleria obtuse Bush violet 2 Litre R24.00
Bauhinia natalensis Natal bauhinia 2 Litre R56.00
Buddleja saligna False olive 2 Litre R56.00
Bulbine frutescens Snake flower 2 Litre R25.00
Carpobrothus edulis Sour fig 2 Litre R23.00
Celtis Africana White stinkwood 2 Litre R59.00
Chlorophythum comosum Hen-and-chickens 2 Litre R32.00
Chlorophytum saundersiae Weeping anthericum 2 Litre R32.00
Chrysanthemoides monilifera Boneseed 2 Litre R32.00
Clivia miniate Bush lily 2 Litre R100.00
Coleus madagascariensis Madagascar coleus 2 Litre R32.00
Cotyledon orbiculata Pigs ear 2 Litre R39.00
Crassula multicava Fairy crassula 2 Litre R32.00
Crassula ovata Pink joy 2 Litre R32.00
Crinum bulbispermum Orange River lily 2 Litre R56.00
Crinum moorei Natal lily 2 Litre R46.00
Diascia integerrima Twinspurs 2 Litre R32.00
Dietes grandiflora Fairy Iris 2 Litre R51.00
Dimorphoteca cuneata Rain flower 2 Litre R32.00
Diospyros lycioides Bloubos 2 Litre R59.00
Dovyalis cafra Kei-apple 5 Litre R120.00
Dymondia margaretae Carpet daisy 2 Litre R32.00
Ehretea rigida Puzzle bush 2 Litre R59.00
Eriocephalus africanus Wild Rosemary 2 Litre R32.00
Eucomis sp Pineapple flower 2 Litre R46.00
Euryops Chrysanthemoides Golden daisy bush 2 Litre R29.00
Euryops pectinatus Woolly resin bush 2 Litre R39.00
Felicia ameloides Paris daisy 2 Litre R32.00
Felicia petiolate Daisy plant 2 Litre R32.00
Felicia variegated Daisy 2 Litre R39.00
Freylinia tropica Blue honey bell 2 Litre R46.00
Freylinia lanceolata Henigie klokiebos 2 Litre R59.00
Glottiphyllum regium Tongue-leaved mesemb 2 Litre R46.00
Grewia flava Raisinbush 20 Litre R188.00
Grewia occidentalise Cross-berry 20 Litre R188.00
Haworthiia cymbiformis Succulent 10cm R25.00
Haworthiia venosa Succulent 10cm R25.00
Haworthiia tessellata Succulent 10cm R25.00
Haworthiia coarctata Succulent 10cm R25.00
Helichrysum cymosum Gold carpet 2 Litre R32.00
Hypoestes aristate Ribbon bush 2 Litre R25.00
Hypoxis hemerocallidea Yellow star 2 Litre R56.00
Jasminum multipartitum Starry wild jasmine 2 Litre R39.00
Lessertia frutescens Cancer bush 2 Litre R32.00
Leonotis leonurus Wild dagga 2 Litre R39.00
Melianthus comosum Honey flower 2 Litre R32.00
Mentha longifolia Wild mint 2 Litre R39.00
Olea europea subsp africana Wild olive 2 Litre R46.00
Olea europea supsp africana Wild olive 20Litre R324.00
Ocinum labiatus Pink Sage 2 Litre R32.00
Orbea lutea Yellow carrion flower 2 Litre R32.00
Oxalis hirta Oxalis 2 Litre R32.00
Pavonia praemosa Yellow pavonia 2 Litre R32.00
Pelargonium fragrans Pelargonium 2 Litre R25.00
Pelargonium sp Malvas 2 Litre R32.00
Plectranthus ambiguus Pincushion spur flower 2 Litre R32.00


Plectranthus ciliates Speckled spur-flower 2 Litre R40.00
Plectranthus ecklonii Plectranthus 2 Litre R39.00
Plectranthus fruticosus Pink Spur Flower 2 Litre R39.00
Plectranthus hadiensis Hairy Spurflower 2 Litre R32.00
Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’ Mona Lavender 2 Litre R32.00
Plectranthus neochilus lobster flower 2 Litre R32.00
Plectranthus Vertcilatus Money plant 2 Litre R32.00
Portulacaria afra Elephant’s Food 2 Litre R46.00
Rhamnus prinoides Dogwood 2 Litre R39.00
Rhigozum obovatum Yellow pomegranate 2 Litre R39.00
Salvia sp 2 Litre R32.00
Sansevieria trifasciata Mother-in-law tongue 2 Litre R32.00
Scadoxus puniceus Paintbrush lily 2 Litre R39.00
Searsia dentata Nanabesie 2 Litre R59.00
Searsia lancea Karee 2 Litre R59.00
Searsia penduline White Karee 20 Litre R324.00
Senecio tamoides Canary creeper 2 Litre R32.00
Senecio haworthii Woolly senecio 2 Litre R37.00
Tecoma capensis Cape honeysuckle 2 Litre R39.00
Thunbergia natalensis Natal bluebell 2 Litre R32.00
Thunbergia alata Black-eyed Susan 2 Litre R39.00
Tulbaghia large leaves Large tulbaghia 2 Litre R32.00
Tulbaghia variegated Variegated tulbaghia 2 Litre R32.00
Tulbaghia violacea Wild garlic 2 Litre R32.00
Zantedeschia aethopica Common arum lily 2 Litre R46.00
Ziziphus mucronate Buffalo thorn 5 Litre R254.00

Wildlife haven on the edge of the city

This garden, on the outskirts of Bloemfontein, spans a valley between picturesque dolerite koppies. The natural vegetation comprises tall grassland and woodland, dominated by magnificent wild olive and karee trees. The harmony of the Garden has been achieved by retaining and highlighting the best elements of the natural landscape.

The Garden covers 70 hectares, and is home to about 400 species of plants, mainly from the Free State, Northern Cape and Lesotho. It also includes a collection of decorative and hardy trees indigenous to the area.

Lion’s ear or wild dagga (Leonotis leonurus), red-hot pokers (Kniphofia) and the dwarf coral tree (Erythrina zeyheri) provide touches of colour against a restful woodland backdrop. A series of vistas lead one through the Garden to the wooded koppies, up on to the rocky outcrops, which overlook the Garden, and back down to the dam, the bird hide and the lawns.

From November to March, most of the plants in the Garden are in full leaf and from March to June the colourful autumn shades of yellow and red dominate. The natural areas of the Garden are a haven for wildlife, including 144 bird species, 54 reptile species and about 32 mammal species.

Visit SANBI’s plant information website for more on plants in our Garden.

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