We as humans have always sought out places in nature where we can find peace and comfort when working through problems. We have always felt enriched after spending some time in nature, whether a botanical garden, the veld or our own garden. It helps us to re-centre, to slow down and reflect on our problems.

The Hantam NBG, because of its isolation and vast open spaces, is one of those very special places where you can get away from it all. Apart from getting lots of clean, unpolluted, fresh air; spending some time in the Garden can help you cope with everyday stress and gather your thoughts. There are many physical and emotional benefits to be gained when spending time in nature, following one of our walking trails or cycling routes.

It is not only during our flowering season between August and October that one should visit the Garden. Anytime of the year has something different to offer and so has the area in and around Nieuwoudtville.

Research studies have shown that being out in nature reduces stress, improves work performance and even a view onto nature outside a hospital room or picture/photo of nature helps speed recovery from surgery. Being detached and disconnected from nature not only has negative effects on our health, but also on nature itself. The more we are cut-off from nature the less we care about our beautiful planet and its biodiversity….and we can’t afford not to care.

Let’s get out into our beautiful wild and special places more often and stand together in whatever small way and care enough to make a difference.

The Hantam National Botanical Garden is waiting to receive you with open arms. Come and experience the benefits of Eco-Therapy in its open and quiet spaces.

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