Drought 1

The inhabitants in an around Nieuwoudtville say that they have never seen a drought as bad is this before. Even the oldest of the inhabitants, especially farmers that have been keeping records since way back, say that this is the worst drought in more than a 100 years.

Drought 2

It is awfully sad to see old trees and veld plants dying, even drought resistant plants. Not to mention the effect the drought has on other life forms; such as animals, birds, insects and even humans; with farmers being the hardest hit and morals are running low. But despite the lack of rain people are trying to stay positive; hoping that the drought will break and that the first half of 2018 will bring the necessary life giving rains.

drought 3

Pitifully the drought is also affecting tourism in the area and most guesthouses and businesses here rely on tourism to help them make it financially through the year. The Hantam NBG wants to invite all keen photographers, whether amateurs or professionals to use this heart-rending and devastating period in the history of the Hantam NBG, the town Nieuwoudtville and its surrounding farms, as well as the rest of the Bokkeveld to come and visit our towns and their attractions (which are many) to take breathtakingly beautiful and haunting photos of the veld crippled by the lack of life giving water. And to please come back after the drought has broken for those awe-inspiring before and after photos.


The black and white photos placed here were taken by Christopher Willis, Chief Director: Conservation Gardens and Tourism during his visit to the Garden in December 2017 while doing a Biodiversity survey of the Garden.

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