The entrance and office are located in this section of the Hantam National Botanical Garden (HNBG). From here you will be welcomed into one of the world’s most special biodiversity treasures. The Garden is situated just outside Nieuwoudtville in the Northern Cape. To get the most out of their visit to the Garden visitors must take their time and not rush along. Take the time to examine the array of flower shapes, colours and patterns that make each species unique.

It is also worthwhile paying attention to the soil type on which a particular plant is found. The most important soils to distinguish at the HNBG are shales and dolerite. The tillite and karoo shales support numerous shrubs and geophytes while the glutinous, red dolerite clays of the klipkoppies support a number of endemic species.

Ablution facilities are situated behind the office building, within walking distance of the first parking area.

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