Water Is Life

Water situation at Karoo Desert NBG

Worcester currently have level one water restrictions, but the continued drought in the Western Cape urges all of us to think twice before continuing using water as usual. As a Garden we try our utmost best to do everything we can to save water.

Our Garden only water critical areas before 9am and after 4pm. The lawn areas were reduced and all drinking fountains removed. As a semi-arid garden we ensure that we group plants together with similar water needs and select plants that require little water.

Planned interventions

Plans are in place to revive the old borehole used in the 1970’s. The borehole will allow us to use borehole water instead of potable (drinkable) municipal water for irrigation. Other small intervention such as installing waterless urinals, low flow showerheads, tap aerators and flush masters in toilets will be implemented in the upcoming months.

Old borehole

We request all visitors to use water sparingly and to at least implement some measures to save water.

Check out our Facebook page for tips on how to save water and how to use grey water correctly (Karoo Desert NBG Facebook).

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