There are a variety of hardy, water-wise, southern African native plants for sale. Aloes, haworthias, mesembs (vygies), pelargoniums, hardy trees and shrubs are available. Prices are structured according to the size and rarity of a species.

Horticultural staff is available to give advice on the suitability of plants from a variety of areas and climatic conditions.

Opening hours and contact details

The nursery is open on week days from 07h30 to 13h00 and from 14h00 to 16h00.

During the flowering season (1 June – 31 October), the plant sales area is also open on weekends from 10h00 – 15h30. The nursery is open by prior arrangement at weekends out of the flower season.

For more information call the garden office on +27 (0)23 347 0785.

SANBI’s website will provide more information on indigenous plants, especially on how to grow plants from cuttings or seeds.

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