Handy hints

  • Phone before visiting the Garden to find out what is flowering.
  • Guided tours must be booked in advance for a minimum of seven people to avoid disappointment.
  • Take the weather into consideration.
  • Spring: Some flowers like Gazania spp. and vygies/mesembs only open when the flower reaches a temperature of 20°C. It is, therefore, best to visit the Garden after 10h00.
  • Summer is extremely hot and dry. It is best to visit the Garden in the morning and have a picnic under the trees for lunch. Summer temperatures over 35°C are frequent.
  • Autumn: Strong winds are normal this time of the year. Do check the weather updates to avoid these conditions.
  • Winter: The Garden falls in the winter rainfall area, so remember your raincoat. The 1 km Shale Trail is a must in winter. It gives an extraordinary view of the area with snow on the Hex River Mountain range and sometimes on the surrounding mountains as well.
  • Take note that our Garden has a no bins policy and that all visitor must take their litter back with them.
  • Remember your hat, water and hiking shoes.
  • Bring a camera and field guide books.

Safety tips

  • Hiking in the Garden is done at own risk, so please wear hiking shoes and be on the lookout for loose rocks.
  • When hiking in the Garden, try to do it in a group of two or more.
  • During the hot summer months we recommend you wear long sleeve shirts or wear sunblock with a high SPF factor.

Garden rules

The most important garden rules are:

  • Do not remove any stone, rock, plant, parts of a plant or animal.
  • Do not harm, kill or feed any animal.
  • Fire or gas stoves (barbeques) are not allowed in the Garden, but do bring a picnic basket.
  • Do not carelessly drop cigarette butts into the surrounding vegetation, it could cause a fire.

Wheelchairs friendly areas

The main circular route is wheelchair friendly and so are some of the shale pathways. Thus about 50% of the cultivated garden and about 80% of the plant sales area are wheelchair friendly. The Kokerboom Restaurant is completely wheelchair friendly with a toilet for disabled persons. Unfortunately the toilets in the Garden are not wheelchair friendly. Please use the restaurant facilities.

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