The Marquee Lawn is situated near the Centre for Home Gardening at Gate 2, against the stunning backdrop of Castle Rock and Fernwood Peak. It is a 24 x 44 m area and can accommodate up to 600 people seated and 1 000 people standing. In front of the Marquee Lawn is a smaller terrace that can be used as an open-air foyer. This venue is ideal for large functions and dinners.

Marquee Lawn, Kirstenbosch

The Marquee Lawn is a self-catering venue and restroom facilities are available. Kirstenbosch does not supply the marquee. This venue is wheelchair-friendly and easily accessible from Gate 2. Delivery vehicles also have easy access.

Dimensions of the lawn: 24 x 44 m

Facilities provided: 3 phase electricity, water, restroom facilities.

Restrictions: Please note that amplified music is not allowed at this venue.

Bookings or enquiries:

Rowena Siebritz
Tel.: 021 799 8686

Nolitha Yedwa
Tel.: 021 799 8748

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