See the route map for directions on how to find the Garden.


  • Picnics are allowed in the Garden.
  • Braais are allowed in the Garden, but only in the designated area.
  • Tables are not permitted unless by prior arrangement.
  • Music is not allowed except at officially sanctioned concerts and parties.
  • Bicycles (or other pedalled mode of transport) is not allowed in the garden.

The garden has banned balloons on the premises

Balloons and single-use plastics are two of the most dangerous pollutants in the world. They don’t biodegrade, but stay in the environment for hundreds of years. Birds and other animals mistake them for food, and end up dying. Burst balloon pieces become a choking hazard to children and can be deadly. After careful deliberation the KZN National Botanical Garden has decided to ban the use of balloons, for the safety of our habitat, wildlife and children visiting the Garden.

From Wednesday 1 September 2021, all types of balloons will be prohibited in the garden. No visitor will be allowed to bring balloons for any type of celebration within the Garden premises.

Dogs in the garden – special privilege 

  • All dogs pay entry fee of R5 per visit.


A copy of the veterinary certificate with rabies clearance and owner’s contact details to be provided for office use.

Rules and regulations

  • Dog/s must have received rabies inoculation and produce a vet’s certificate.
  • Dog/s are to be kept on a leash at all times in all parts of the Garden, including the wild part on the north side of the river
  • Owners are to clean up after their dog/s
  • Owners are to carry the dog permit at all times

Failure to obey any of the regulations will result in the withdrawal of the privilege of walking the dog/s in the garden for a period of six months, without exception.

Facilities for the physically challenged

There are parking and toilet facilities for the physically challenged. Most of our theme gardens are paved for easy access

Wheelchairs are provided at R5.00 per visit.

Other offerings

  • Farmers market every Saturday from 06h00 – 10h00.
  • Tours are offered if prior arrangement is made.
  • Events like wedding, tea parties, baby showers etc. are permitted in the garden.

Directional signs are installed at every junction in the garden to give directions to visitors.

directional sign

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