The Riverside Trail gives visitors a chance to experience the relatively undisturbed natural vegetation that once covered most of the Garden area.

Riverside Trail lookout

This scenic walk, along a winding bush trail, takes visitors down to the banks of the Crocodile River and back up into the Garden again. Different items of interest are to be seen at the different viewpoints on the trail. Wonderful trees to see include waterberries (Syzygium cordatum), Mitzeeri (Bridelia micrantha), red-leaved rock fig (Ficus ingens). In addition there are swamp ferns (Cyclosorus interruptus), baboon grape (Rhoicissus tomentosa) and thorny rope (Dalbergia armata). Watch out for the African Finfoot – a rare bird – mammals, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies.

Visit our plant information website to read more about plants in our garden.


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