COVID-19 measures at our gardens

The right of admission is reserved.

The Mokopane Biodiversity Conservation Centre will not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury or death sustained on its premises. Entry to the premises is at own risk.

To enjoy your visit and protect our natural heritage and please abide to the following rules: NB visitors caught breaking the rules may be fined, banned for the premises or prosecuted.

Do’s and Don’ts


Adhere to:

All signage 

  • No entry signs
  • Unauthorised entry


  • Speed limit of 25km/h
  • Drive on the marked roads
  • Drive reasonably

No smoking in all buildings

Engage with the biodiversity

  • Discover plants and animals
  • Explore the nature reserve
  • Watch birds
  • Walk / hike
  • Spot the wildlife
  • Take photographs

Enjoy a picnic

  • at the designated areas
  • Relax
  • Supervise your children
  • Take your litter home and dispose of it responsibly
  • Braai / Fires only in designated braai areas
  • Savour the beauty and tranquillity
  • Leave only foot prints and take photographs, memories and what you brought with you home.


  • Litter, use the bins or take home.
  • Feed, tease, torment, poke or through things at the animals or in the water.
  • Bring pets (only official guide dogs)
  • Play music (respect nature and our other clients)
  • Cross over any safety barriers boundary fences
  • Entry any enclosure
  • Swimming
  • Climb or mark trees
  • Firearms are not permitted
  • Ride bicycles or skateboards or roller blades between enclosures.
  • Drive off the identified roads
  • Bring watercrafts of any kind
  • Motorcycles or quad bikes
  • Remove or collect any plant or related material (dead or alive).
  • Remove, pickup or collect any animal, or related material or parts (dead or alive).
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