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The SANBI Bookshop stocks a wide range of publications including books published by SANBI Graphics & Editing, which includes the Strelitzia and Suricata monograph series. Biodiversity books by other publishers such as Briza, Jacana and Struik are also available. You have many choices at this one-stop biodiversity bookshop!

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  • The preferred distribution method is via courier. Courier costs will depend on weight and quantity of the parcel/s and will be indicated on the invoice/s. Customers can organise collection by a courier at their own cost, if so preferred.
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A service provider like Mailwise can be used for surface/airmail deliveries, but payment will have to be made directly to Mailwise and proof of payment must be sent to the SANBI Bookshop before parcels would be collected.

For enquiries please contact Thembi if you have any enquiries. Payment can be made via the internet, but we regret that for most books in the SANBI bookshop sales aren’t not linked to an online payment gateway at present.

The following SANBI books can be purchased on-line from the Pro Visions website at

Suricata series:

  • No. 4: Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 1. Introductory chapters and keys to Diptera families A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & B.J. Sinclair (eds) (2017)
  • No. 5: Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 2. Nematocerous Diptera and lower Brachycera A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & B.J. Sinclair (eds) (2017)
  • No. 6: Conservation Assessment of Scarabaeine dung beetles in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia: IUCN Red List Categories, Atlas and Ecological Notes A.L.V. Davis, C.M. Deschodt & C.H. Scholtz (2020)
  • No. 7: Cicadas of southern Africa. An illustrated guide to known species R.D. Stephen (2021)
  • No. 8: Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 3. Brachycera–Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & B.J. Sinclair (eds) (2021)
  • No. 9: A taxonomic monograph of the sea cucumbers of southern Africa (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) by A.S. Thandar

Strelitzia series

  • No. 31: Guide to Plant Families of southern Africa M. Koekemoer, H.M. Steyn & S.P. Bester (2014, edition 2)
  • No. 37: Beeplants of South Africa: sources of nectar, pollen, honeydew and propolis for honeybees M.F. Johannsmeier (2016)
  • No. 45: A taxonomic revision of the genus Zyrphelis (Asteraceae, Astereae) in South Africa P.P.J. Herman & U. Zinnecker-Wiegand (2022)

Ad hoc (coffee table book)

  • South African animals at risk of extinction M.T.Sethusa, D.L. Dalton, C. Pretorius (2022).

Latest SANBI publications March 2022

Strelitzia 44: Photographic guide to the wild flowers of the Limpopo Province

Kremer-Köhne (2021)

This easy-to-use photographic field guide presents wild flowers occurring in the southern African summer rainfall area, with a focus on the Limpopo Province. The guide contains a total of 90 families, 343 genera and 770 species. The selection covers both frequently seen and less common plant species. Technical botanical terms are kept to a minimum and a glossary explains those that have been used.

Soft cover, 190 × 255 mm, pp. 372. ISBN 978-1-928224-53-2

Price SADC R500.00

Suricata 8: Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 3. Brachycera–Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae

A.H. Kirk-Spriggs & B.J. Sinclair (eds) (2021)

Volume 3 includes family chapters dealing with 51 of the 108 families of flies that occur in the region and covers the Brachycera: Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae (sometimes termed the higher Diptera). Each chapter includes a diagnosis of the family, sections dealing with biology and immature stages, classification and identification, an identification key to genera (if more than one) and a synopsis of the fauna section, arranged genus by genus alphabetically. The text is richly illustrated with over 3,447 illustrations, including 1,746 colour and 101 black and white images and 1,600 line drawings of flies.

Hard cover, 215 × 275 mm, pp. 1 032. ISBN 978-1-928224-13-6

Price SADC R 1 500.00

Strelitzia 45: A taxonomic revision of the genus Zyrphelis (Asteraceae, Astereae) in South Africa.

P.P.J. Herman & U. Zinnecker-Wiegand (2022)

A taxonomic account of the endemic genus Zyrphelis in South Africa is presented. The genus Gymnostephium is sunk under Zyrphelis and some taxa previously listed under Mairia moved to Zyrphelis. Twenty-one species (total 35 taxa) are recognised. Zyrphelis ciliaris subsp. hirsuta is elevated to species level, Z. gracilis is reduced to varietal level under Z. fruticosa, Z. grauii is reduced to varietal level under Z. montana, Z. monticola is sunk under Z. microcephala subsp. microcephala. The following new subspecies and varieties are described: Z. decumbens var. grandis, Z. ecklonis subsp. longipedunculata, Z. foliosa var. glabra, Z. fruticosa var. pilosa, Z. lasiocarpa var. minor, Z. pilosella var. glandulifolia, and Z. taxifolia var. robusta. The following names are lectotypified here: Felicia monticola, Gymnostephium leve, Mairia foliosa, M. lasiocarpa and M. montana. Keys to the species, subspecies and varieties, full descriptions of all the taxa, distribution maps and illustrations are provided.

Soft cover, 180 × 240 mm, pp. 249. ISBN: 978-1-928224-55-6.

Price SADC R435.00

Suricata 9: A taxonomic monograph of the sea cucumbers of southern Africa (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)

A.S. Thandar (2022)

The southern African marine region, which lies in the transitional zone between the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific biomes, has a very rich biodiversity with elements from the two major oceanic regions. This taxonomic monograph, long awaited by local enthusiasts, marine biologists and holothuroid specialists worldwide, focuses on the southern African Holothuroidea. It is based on the author’s approximately 55 years of research on the taxonomy of sea cucumbers with specific emphasis on the southern African fauna.

The monograph includes a brief account of the materials used; fixation, preservation and other techniques; an illustrated account of gross morphological features of mostly the shallow-water holothuroids; an illustrated glossary of the microscopic ossicles; some zoogeographical considerations; an updated checklist that summarises the composition, biodiversity and faunistic components of all southern African holothuroids; a dichotomous key to orders, families, genera and species; and the systematic account of all recorded species. All seven currently recognised orders are represented, distributed over 26 families, 76 genera and 171 nominal and 10 indeterminate species. These include a couple of new records for the southern African region. South Africa has 152 nominal species.

Each species account has a selected synonymy indicating the most pertinent synonyms, a brief diagnosis, the type locality, habitat notes, distribution data, concise remarks, a figure of the most important diagnostic characters and a distribution map. A comprehensive index and a full list of references that are cited or used in the text are also provided.

Hard cover, 210 × 297 mm, pp. 364. ISBN: 978-1-928224-50-1.

Price SADC R690.00

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