Date: 22/12/2023
Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Location: Harold Porter National Botanical Garden
Harold Porter

It is with great excitement that we announce that our Candle by Candlelight will be presented by the Hermanus Rotary Club. Come along with your friends and family, bring your picnic basket, and come sing along to your favourite Christmas Carols.

A song sheet and candle will be handed out to the adults and a glow stick for the little ones. We ask that people please share.

Ticket price:
Adults: R100
Youth 6-18:  R50
Under 6: Free

A few Dos and Don’ts

Please enjoy the concert and abide by the following:

  • Dotake all your litter home, the concert venue is bin-free.
  • Dorespect the peace and cleanliness of adjacent residential areas when leaving.
  • Dobring along low chairs only.
  • Respect others and please don’tsmoke in the audience.
  • Be considerate and please don’tbring high deckchairs that obstruct the view of the stage.
  • Don’tclimb on the stage or enter flower beds.
  • Don’tleave litter in our World Heritage Site.

Contact details:

Harold Porter National Botanical Garden:
Tel.: 087 260 9755/087 260 9757

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