Adult: R50
Student: R25
Pensioner: Free entry on Wednesdays
Child: R15
Botanical Society members: 10% discount
Children under 6 years: Free
SANBI annual membership fees (excluding special events)

  • R800 per adult
  • R400 per child
  • R600 per student

Tariffs 2023-2024

GL Code Income Old Price New Price


Admission Fees

– Braai entry

R75.00 R100.00
1030 Guided tours R150.00 R180.00
1030 Guided Walks R50.00 R80.00
1034 Other Income


Use of garden facility R800.00 R1 000.00


Rent Receivable : Other Facilities R13 729.00 R13 729
1071 Venue Hire R1 500.00 R2000.00


Sales : Kiosk (Trails Map) R5 R8

Note: A negotiated discount for any organisation to a maximum of 25% may be given for all venues subject to approval by the Garden Manager.

Operational hours

  • 7:30-16:30 (October to July -weekdays only)
  • 8:00-17:00 (August to September – 7 days a week)

Explore wild secrets under endless skies

The Garden comprises a vast area of over 6000 ha which includes representative patches of Nieuwoudtville Shale Renosterveld, Nieuwoudtville-Roggeveld Dolorite Renosterveld and Hantam Succulent Karoo. Nine different trails can be followed covering the variety of habitats and soil types which make this Garden so unique and different.

About 80+ species of plants are endemic to the Bokkeveld Plateau out of a total of more than 1350 different types of flowers. Many of them are found here on the Garden, such as the following endemics: the lovely Blue Pride-of-Nieuwoudtville,

The striking Sparaxis elegans, the scented Zantedeschia odorata, the deep-purple Lapeirousia oreogena with its white markings and the yellow and chocolate-brown Hesperantha vaginata.

The Garden has two “seasons” that attract visitors. The first and most well-known is the spring flower season that coincides with the Namaqualand flower season. The second less known “secret season” is when the Brunsvigea bosmaniae provides a magnificent and dramatic display during autumn.

More than 150 bird species have been recorded on the Garden including the Secretary bird, the threatened Blue Crane, the rare and endangered Black Harrier and the Ludwig’s Bustard.

Mammals that occur on the Garden include the second-largest rodent, the Cape Porcupine, the harmless Bat-eared fox and the steenbok.

While walking along the Butterfly Trail keep your eyes open for the McGregor’s Blue Butterfly named after Mr and Mrs Gordon MacGregor, previous owners of the farm, Glenlyon, now the Hantam NBG.

Contact information


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Oorlogskloof Rd, Nieuwoudtville, Northern Cape, South Africa.

Postal address:

P.O Box 08, Nieuwoudtville, 8180

GPS Co-ordinates:

19°08’26.2″E 31°23’51.5″S
Long 19.14060 Lat -31.39763

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