Admission Fees

Adult: R40
Student: R20
Pensioner: Free entry on Tuesdays
Child: R10
Botanical Society members: 10% discount
SANBI annual membership fees (excluding special events)

  • R800 per adult
  • R400 per child
  • R600 per student

Founding of the garden

The Kwelera National Botanical Garden (NBG) in East London is South Africa’s 10th national botanical garden and the first to be established in the Eastern Cape.

It encompasses the Kwelera Nature Reserve, an important biodiversity corridor of the region and of a developed section that is to be built on 10.48 ha adjacent land not yet open to the public. Unique factors include the rich biodiversity, scenic and heritage features.

With estuarine, riverine, vegetated dune systems and history of human activity this garden reflects the natural beauty the Wild Coast region has to offer.

The Kwelera National Botanical Garden has been twice gazetted – as the Kwelera Nature Reserve (KNR) forming part of the East London Coast Nature Reserves under the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act (NEM:PAA), as well as a national botanical garden under the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEM:BA).

The Kwelera National Botanical Garden (KwNBG) was declared on 25 July 2014 and officially opened by the DEA Minister in September 2014.

Kwelera NBG development fact sheet

Latest developments are:

  • The declaration of the intention to declare the acquired 10ha farmland portion purchased by SANBI in March 2016 as part of the Kwelera National Botanical Garden. This 10ha portion will be used as the landscaped/cultivated area of the garden where most of the garden’s infrastructure will be built.
  • Appointment of Environmental Assessment Consultants beginning October 2017 to undertake a basic assessment process for the proposed infrastructure developments proposed for the reserve/natural portion of the garden as well as those proposed for the 10ha/cultivated portion of the garden.
  • Appointment of Landscape Architects beginning October 2017 to design the landscaped portion of the 10ha.

A public meeting was held on 06 February 2018. This was the formal platform for all public comments regarding the proposed developments.

Both the EIA process and landscape plan, running concurrently, should be completed by Mid-2018.

Furthermore, we hope to see some civil works commencing in the 2018/2019 Financial year. The garden will be developed in phases, beginning with phase one in the reserve portion of the garden after the EIA process has been finalised. The 10ha portion is also planned to be fenced during this period.

TARIFFS 2023-2024

1 Helichrysum cymosum 2kg bags R50.00
2 Adromiscus cristatus 2kg bags R45.00
3 Adromiscus sp. 2kg bags R45.00
4 Adromiscus sp 4kg bags R50.00
5 Adromiscus sp. 2kg bags R45.00
6 Adromiscus sp. 4kg bags R50.00
7 Adromiscus tracanthus 4kg bags R55.00
8 Agapanthus africana 4 kg R65.00
9 Albuca nelsonnii 2 kg bags R50.00
10 Aleolanthus parvifolium 1kg bags R35.00
11 Aloe aborescens 25 cm pots R50.00
12 Aloe sp. 10 cm pot R35.00
13 Aloe sp 20 cm pots R55.00
14 Aloe striata 30 cm pots R65.00
15 Aloe striata 2kg bags R50.00
16 Aristea ecklonii 4kg bags R45.00
17 Bulbine frutescens 2kg bags R40.00
18 Bulbine abysinica 4kg bags R55.00
19 Bulbine sp 4kg bags R55.00
20 Bulbine latifolius 4kg bags R55.00
21 Bulbine narcissifolia 4kg bags R55.00
22 Capobrotus edulis 4kg bags R50.00
23 Chrysanthemoides monilifera 4kg bags R55.00
25 Cotyledon obicularis 20cm pots R55.00
26 Crassula perfoliata 2kg bags R55.00
27 Crassula sp. 2kg bags R50.00
28 Crassula Multicava 18 cm pots R45.00
29 Crassula muscosa 4kg bags R50.00
30 Crassula ovata 4kg bags R55.00
31 Crassula perfoliata 4kg bags R50.00
32 Crassula sp silver 4kg bags R50.00
33 Crassula capitela 2kg bags R55.00
34 Crassula sp. 2kg bags R40.00
35 Crassula sp. 2kg bags R35.00
36 Currio crassulifolius 2kg bags R50.00
37 Dietes bicolor 10kg bags R70.00
38 Eriocephalus africanus 4kg bags R50.00
39 Euryops linifolius 2kg bags R40.00
40 Geranium sp. 2kg bags R 40.00
41 Haemanthus albiflora 10kg bags R60.00
42 Haworhia sp 2kg bags R50.00
43 Helichrysum populifolium 4kg bags R65.00
44 Helichrysum limelight 2kg bags R45.00
45 Helichrysum sp. 4kg bags R40.00
46 Helichrysum sp. 4kg bags R45.00
47 Hypoxis villosa 25 cm pots R 55.00
48 Kniphofia uvaria 10 cm pots R30.00
49 Kniphofia uvaria 10kg bags R50.00
50 Lampranthus sp. 2kg bags R35.00
51 Aloe liniaris 18cm pots R40.00
52 Metalasia muricata 25 cm pots R55.00
53 Metalasia muricata 2kg bags R55.00
54 Metarungia galpinni 4kg bags R55.00
56 Perlagonium grossularoides 2kg bags R50.00
57 Perlagonium peltatum 2kg bags R50.00
58 Plectranthus ecklonii 2kg bags R40.00
59 Plumbago auriculata 2kg bags R40.00
60 Portulacaria afra 18 cm pots R45.00
61 Salvia africana Lutea 10kg bags R60.00
62 Sanserveria sp. 20cm pots R50.00
63 Searsia crenata 2kg bags R50.00
64 Senecio radicens 15cm pots R40.00
65 Senseveria sp 20cm pots R50.00
66 Stachys aethiopica 2kg bags R45.00
67 Strelitzia reginae 4kg bags R60.00
68 Tecomaria capensis 2kg bags R50.00
69 Tulbaghia violacea 4kg bags R50.00
70 Watsonia pilansii (Orange) 2kg bags R40.00


Kwelera National Botanical Garden
Plot FME 00736
Kwelera Road

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Important document

Kwelera Rules brochure.

General enquiries:
Nomama Mei
Curator: Kwelera National Botanical Garden
Tel.: +27 43 737 0061/0071


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