Dear valued Cape Action for People and the Environment (CAPE) partner

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBIB), through the Table Mountain Fund (TMF) funding, has appointed a service provider to facilitate and document a participant-driven evaluation of CAPE. This project consists of a number of aspects:

(1) a stakeholder evaluation of the CAPE Strategy 2020 that looks back on lessons and achievements of the past 20 years;

(2) a learning process for CAPE partners in the biodiversity conservation sector of the CFR (Cape Floristic Region); and

(3) A process to inform the future direction of CAPE partner organisations and a possible new collective effort in the CFR based on new imperatives.

The CAPE Legacy Project is to be a catalytic process, incorporating monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and the opportunity to create a vision for the future. It will build institutional M&E capacity at SANBI and amongst CAPE partners. Coordination and facilitation will be undertaken through CAPE Reference Groups and CAPE Landscape Initiatives.

Please find attached the announcement letter of the project and CAPE Legacy project inception report.

Project announcement letter

CAPE Legacy project inception report

For more information about the CAPE Legacy Project, or to share your reflections, please contact:

Malukhanye Mbopha,
Tel: 021 799 8404
E-mail: ,

Sue Soal (for Singizi team)

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