Notice of termination of contract with Gallery Naomi Arts, owned by Mr David Huni, event organiser of Christmas in July, also known as Enchanted Forest of Lights

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) has, after careful consideration, taken a decision to terminate its contract with the service provider and cancel the remainder of the upcoming Christmas in July events, also known as the Enchanted Forest of Lights at both the Pretoria National Botanical Garden in Pretoria and at the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden in Roodepoort/Mogale City after the organiser, Mr David Huni, failed to meet the required standards of event delivery as per contractual obligation.

SANBI’s national botanical gardens are edutainment establishments that have, over the years, built and maintained good brand reputation by hosting a wide variety of successful events.

SANBI values all its stakeholders and, as a result of customers’ bad experiences at the ‘Christmas in July’ events, SANBI has also taken a decision not to enter into a venue hire agreement with Mr David Huni for the Giant Creature World Expo event scheduled to take place between 30 August and 8 September 2019. SANBI urges members of the public not to purchase the Giant Creature World Expo tickets at our gardens.

SANBI wishes to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to all affected customers and wishes to offer ticket holders/customers with proof of payment free access, for the whole family, at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden and the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden on Women’s Day, 9 August 2019.

Ticket refunding processes as prescribed by Howler, ticket service provider:

Members of the public are requested to direct all ticket refund queries to the ticket provider, Howler.

Howler statement:

As Howler we are committed to delivering the best online ticketing services, however we are not in control of the production of the event and had no control over your experience, at Christmas in July.

Here are the refund steps that will need to be followed:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Select the “Tickets” tab at the top of the page
  3. Select “Request refund” from the menu icon on the right
  4. Submit your request.

*If you are requesting a refund for a Christmas In July event that has already passed please write a short motivation for why you should receive a refund. We hope this has been helpful. For any other queries please don’t hesitate to call our support line 011 880 2199 /

About SANBI’s national botanical gardens

SANBI is the only institution in South Africa mandated through the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) to establish, manage, maintain and develop national botanical and zoological gardens – each with their associated tourism infrastructure and conservation estate – as windows into South Africa’s rich biodiversity for the education and enjoyment of all people.

The gardens feature an array of facilities, such as restaurants, function rooms and conference venues, as well as activities including hikes, picnics, concerts, exhibitions and shopping.

SANBI has for many years hosted successful garden events which were introduced to add value to the communities that the institution serves. Through these garden events, SANBI has been able to attract more visitors who return to the gardens to learn more about the benefits of biodiversity to society, as well as the importance of active participation by society in conserving South Africa’s rich biodiversity.

Garden events are also a developmental tool and a roadmap for activities which promote community engagement and social cohesion at these biodiversity hubs.

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