The team that is employed in the Directorate: Environmental Law Enforcement through the Biodiversity and Land Use project scooped gold and silver at the 2020 Eco-Logic Awards.

The Eco-Logic Awards identify individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world. Each year individuals and organisations are invited to submit their eco-logical products, services and projects or initiatives under 12 environmental categories to be evaluated by a panel of highly respected and environmentally aware judges. Finalists are invited to join an exclusive group of Green VIP’s and thought leaders at the annual Eco-Logic Gala Event.

The contestants are judged according to vision, inclusiveness, reconnecting and building a regenerative relationship with nature, three-dimensional intelligence, Ubuntu, eco-ethical production and consumption, and whether the project and/or product is sustainable. The eco-logic awards are funded by several sponsors who, in financing an award, are thereby empowering the winners and helping to grow South Africa’s green economy which in turn provides jobs and promotes a stable society, environment, and economy.

The Enviropaedia established the annual Eco-Logic awards in 2011. It has since grown into South Africa’s “Glamorously Green eco-calendar event” that receives extensive media coverage on several platforms. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the National Lockdown, this year’s event was held virtually on an online platform.

The SANBI team within the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DPs) Directorate: Environmental Law Enforcement who are a part of the Biodiversity and Land Use (“BLU”) project entered the eco-logic awards under the Biodiversity Category. The team consists of Phil McLean, Derryn Lendrum, Tashreeqah Sadan and Leigh Kelly under the strategic leadership of Nithzaam Albertyn.

The Directorate’s Botanist, Phil McLean, was entered into the Eco-Warrior Category. The Biodiversity Award is awarded to an organisation for a successful biodiversity protection, rehabilitation, or damage mitigation programme. The Eco-Warrior Award is rewarded to an individual, whose actions have defended, protected or prevented damage to the Earth’s life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources.

By entering the competition, the Directorate: Environmental Law Enforcement (“D:ELE”)  team, were able to showcase the work that they are currently doing and thus personifying the vision and objectives of the BLU Project from an environmental law enforcement perspective. In addition, to also elaborate on the benefits derived from the project, promote reconnecting and regenerative relationships with nature, and to reiterate the importance of a botanist within the D: ELE team and the great contribution that he makes towards combatting environmental degradation and criminal offences.

The D:ELE team won Silver in the Biodiversity Category and Phil McLean won Gold in the Eco-Warrior category. The judges stated that “botanist McLean shines like a green light. His product is knowledge, insight and passion and he shares generously and widely. He is not a lone soldier in his crusade but working in a team. It seems that this innate concern and natural leadership inspires his colleagues”.

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