The Biodiversity and Land Use (BLU) project will be hosting a partnership event on 2 and 3 December 2020. The Partnerships for Sustainable Landscapes event provides an opportunity to showcase work being done by the project in the respective districts, as well as elsewhere, that contributes to creating sustainably managed landscapes through partnerships and that have unlocked a suite of benefits for communities, biodiversity and the economy. Central to creating these landscapes, is well functioning biodiversity that supports ecosystem services for the benefit of people.

Working in partnership entails two or more groups coming together to achieve a common purpose. The main benefit of working together in this way is that more can be achieved together than individually. Partnerships are built on the strengths and expertise of the partners involved and the BLU project has partnered with a number of implementers who in turn have partnered with partners in the respective landscapes to deliver on the project’s mainstreaming objectives.

Key to the success of the Biodiversity and Land Use project is a landscape approach to sustainable development. Working to create sustainable landscapes, the project focuses on managing land at the ecosystem-scale to benefit people, nature and the economy and aim to deliver environmental, social and economic improvements. This can only be achieved by building and working through multi-level stakeholder partnerships and engaging in co-operative governance.

The SANBI team has been hard at work putting together a programme that reflects the partnerships developed and highlight the amazing achievements made possible. To this end, the objectives of the Partnerships for Sustainable Landscape Event is to showcase how working in partnership and collaborating across government entities can deliver benefits for biodiversity and society; and secondly to enhance our landscape value proposition through exploring different kinds of partnerships and how these can contribute to building resilient and sustainable landscapes.

With the country being on lockdown level 1 due to the covid-19 pandemic, the partnership event will take place virtually.  In the next few week invitations will be sent out.

If you would like to participate in the event and or want more information on the event, please contact Marilyn Martin-Vermaak:

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