We did it again!

We are thrilled to announce that our Free State National Botanical Garden (FSNBG) team has, once again, achieved remarkable success at the annual Bloem Show. We received the Award of Achievement for the 7th time at this event.

The Bloem Show, held every year between April and May in Bloemfontein, is a unique event in South Africa. Spanning over 10 days, it successfully combines agricultural, entertainment and trade activities, making it one of the standout shows in the country. Each year’s event is themed, guiding exhibitors in terms of visual impact, originality, colour and graphic design, marketing and branding, construction, and overall presentation.

The FSNBG’s exhibit at the 2024 Bloem Show was a magnificent showcase of the diverse natural vegetation found in the garden, including lush grasslands, captivating woodlands, and fascinating Karoo and succulent plants. The stand was evaluated by three sets of judges and stood out for its uniqueness, educational value and beauty, aligning well with the event’s theme of ‘around the world’.

FSNBG garden manager, Nondumiso Magija, expressed her pride and gratitude for the team’s hard work and dedication, ‘The award is a symbol of dedication, resilience and teamwork that the FSNBG team consistently displays when undertaking any project. Bloem Show is an opportunity for the team to learn from each other; from exhibition design, coordination, resource mobilisation, etc., to the actual display, all hands are on deck! It is a shared win among all our staff. I am super proud of each member of the team that participated in this year’s Bloem Show. Thank you for putting your hearts out and flying the SANBI flag high.’

This well-deserved recognition highlights the FSNBG’s commitment to excellence and their dedication to showcasing the magnificent biodiversity of their region.

Congratulations to the FSNBG team for their outstanding achievement and for continuing to set the standard for excellence in exhibition design.

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