The South African National Biodiversity Institute will host the 14th annual Biodiversity Planning Forum from 20–23 June 2017 at the Nombolo Mdhluli Conference Centre, Skukuza Camp, Kruger National Park. The theme for this year is Biodiversity prioritisation to support spatial planning for the rural economy.

The Biodiversity Planning Forum was established in 2004 with the sole intention to provide an opportunity for individuals, agencies and departments involved in spatial biodiversity planning to share and synthesise valuable lessons from systematic biodiversity planning projects across South Africa. Much of the biodiversity planning done in South Africa underpins strategic interventions and supports improved environmental decision-making.

This year’s theme will unpack how biodiversity prioritisation is able to provide support to spatial planning in other sectors, especially sectors that are central to the rural economy. Unlocking the potential of rural economies is one of the national priorities for South Africa. Sessions will focus on biodiversity planning products that identify biodiversity priority areas and how these interface with other key land uses in rural areas. The Forum will allow the biodiversity planning community of practice to explore how our work links or could link with other spatial planning initiatives including planning for protected area buffers, mapping and prioritisation in the agriculture sector, and spatial planning for the wildlife economy. It will also include a focus on global work on spatial biodiversity assessment and prioritisation, and an opportunity for participants to engage with the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018.

The Forum invites submission of abstracts from participants for consideration in the programme. Students and interns involved in spatial biodiversity planning assessments, prioritisation and GIS mapping are invited to apply for support to attend the Forum. Please see the invitation for further details.

Should you have any other general inquiries please feel free to contact Jackey at or Participants are encouraged to take note of several deadlines set for the submission of abstracts, student support and payments.

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