“As a new intern, I am truly inspired,” Anele Mandisa Ngcobo said at the 5th Annual Intern Presentation Day for 2022/23 interns adding that she was pleased to see that people from her hometown schools had accomplished so much during their internships

“You all started out with similar expectations, but you all found your feet along the way, and I can’t wait to find my own – everyone’s experience appears to be intense but exhilarating. I’m excited about the coming months. Thank you for all of your advice and tips, and best wishes for your future endeavors. Excellent work!” she said.

SANBI internships take graduates into the “heart of the action” while allowing them to contribute to the organisation. Internships have been integrated into SANBI programs to help graduates transition into the workforce and usually run from one to two years. Mr Shonisani Munzhedzi, SANBI CEO, gave the event’s official opening address, outlining the history of the SANBI internship program. Over the last two decades, the program has expanded from less than ten interns per year to a few hundred. Initially funded primarily by SANBI, the internship program has grown to include funding from seven related organisations.

The morning was packed with exciting presentations, with 18 interns from various disciplines across several units and programmes of work sharing their SANBI experiences, job descriptions, and highlights from their internship period.

The intern presentations demonstrated that they learn a lot during their internship year; it’s not just about fetching coffee, organizing folders and meetings, or being a personal assistant, as some  people (tend to) think! An internship can help you become more aware of your own strengths, values, and interests, allowing you to better align your personal and professional goals.

The presentations were very insightful and demonstrated that SANBI staff (mentors) are talented individuals who understand how to nurture and train interns and sharpen their skills.

Some highlights:

  • Muzi Mashabane discussed network building, which is the development of relationships that can benefit your internship or career exploration. Networking does not imply approaching everyone you know for a job. It is an opportunity to learn about the skills required to succeed in the various types of jobs, careers, and industries of the people you meet, and this is what SANBI provides to its interns.
  • Ndzolo Bam and Alwande Nxumalo alluded to being the best at your task, which the interns have demonstrated in all aspects of their work. They have excelled during their time at SANBI.

The chat session was buzzing with congratulatory messages, motivations, and encouraging words from the audience. The internship programme has indeed helped interns establish their career identity, as well as capitalize on their personal strengths and interests.

Mr Phakamani Xaba closed the session by saying, “It is wonderful and inspiring to hear about the interns’ journeys and see how much they have gained from the SANBI internship program.”

Congratulations to all the outgoing interns, and best wishes from SANBI!

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