We are very pleased and thankful to be able to say that on the morning of the 30th of March we measured 19 mm of rain for Hantam National Botanical Garden. For the first time since 2014, the Brunsvigia bosmaniae, which are also known as March lilies (or shall we call them ‘April lilies’ this year?) are going to flower in their masses. They are already pushing their brave little heads through the ground, some have started to open and a few are in full flower.They should be in full bloom around mid-April. We are hoping to get more rains so that the Brunsvigias will last till the end of this month.

Anyone interested in a Safari vehicle tour must please phone the Hantam NBG at 027 2181200 or Eugene at 076 234 2902 to make a booking. Tours will be weather permitting. Please note, we cannot do tours for less than 5 or more than 10 people and the cost will be R100 per person.

We will also place a ladder over the fence bordering the Hantam NBG and the Wild Flower Reserve so that those that would prefer to walk can do so.

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