Appointment of a service provider to support with the implementation of the Living Catchments Project in enabling collaboration, co-learning and co-creation at the nexus of Built and Ecological Infrastructure For Water Security in the Tugela River Catchment.

Submission of proposals

Proposals must be emailed to S.SCM-Quotations@sanbi.org.za with a copy to Mr Ludwe Madayi l.madayi@sanbi.org.za.

Application process

Download the relevant documents listed on this page to learn about the application process and download Government Procurement Conditions of Contract.

Please note that any emails sent to SANBI must be under 10MB in size.

Bid type: Quotation (under R500 000).

SCM contact person:
Ludwe Madayi
Tel.: (012) 843 5130
E-mail: l.madayi@sanbi.org.za

Technical queries:
Mahlodi Tau
Tel.: (012) 843-5221
E-mail: M.Tau@sanbi.org.za

Closes: Thursday, 06 August 2020
Time: 11:00
Location: KwaZulu-Natal

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