Izele is a website for conservation areas and conservation groups to share news, information and maps with neighbours, visitors, supporters and partners. Izele is designed both for smaller organisations that want a free, easy-to-use website designed for conservationists, and for larger organisations with an existing website that want to increase traffic by joining a bigger network. It also has the functionality for each organisation to show where they are working and who they are supporting.

Izele works on computers, tablets and smart phones and aims to put all conservation organisations on the map and give them a voice in the online world. Some of the other benefits include providing photos and information on the species you help to conserve, combining all your Facebook and Twitter accounts into one news feed, and making it easier to communicate with your partner organisations.

Izele is named after Psychotria capensis, a species of evergreen tree from southeast Africa that is called the black bird-berry in English and iZele in Zulu. This tree is found in the Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany hotspot where the project was piloted and has star-shaped yellow flowers, which form the basis of the Izele logo.

The development of this website has been funded and supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Wildlands Conservation Trust and the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust. The initial focus is on conservation areas and organisations in South Africa but we are expanding to other countries soon.

Visit http://www.izele.org  to find out how to create a page.

For more information please contact Bob Smith at bob.smith@izele.org

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