The uMzimvubu Catchment Partnership Programme (UCPP) launched a research programme to facilitate strategic innovation in the catchment. The main purpose of this workshop was to harness practical and theoretical experiences of participants from different backgrounds in developing a responsive and impactful research model. This a “learning-by-doing” approach that enables participants to repeat and adapt the process when formulating an Impact-Oriented Research Programme.

The facilitation of the workshop was driven by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the International Services for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR) research methodology or simply the ISNAR-IFPRI methodology. This methodology is based on international years of practical and personal experiences in formulating impactful research across different landscapes by Dr Zenete Franca.

The UCPP had previously identified lack of responsive research in the catchment in general as one of the areas that needed improvement. The formulation of a research programme is a courtesy work co-ordinated by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) with the funding from the Department of Science and Technology.

The funding requires SANBI to facilitate the establishment of the research, development and innovation (RDI) platforms for ecological infrastructure in selected catchments. The selected catchments are the uMzimvubu and the Berg and Breede. One of the key deliverables of this project is to ensure that there is a comprehensive research programme with measurable outputs that respond to the needs of each catchment.

The participants at the workshop agreed that research priorities for the uMzimvubu catchment are biodiversity conservation and management, land degradation, climate change resilience and recognition of indigenous knowledge systems while ensuring food security. These areas will be diagnosed further to understand the status quo to make a determination of the suitable research actions required.

The development of research actions for priority areas in the catchment will be driven by participation of all stakeholders involved in the catchment. The workshop was also a necessary tool for enhancing the capacity of participants in practice, management and research in general.

The workshop was facilitated by Dr Merida Roets and Nicky McLeod from the uMzimvubu Catchment Partnership Programme. Over 30 partner representatives were in attendance including SANBI.

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