SANBI’s data partners are listed on the Biodiversity Advisor website.

Department of Environmental Affairs

SANBI is a public entity under the Department of Environmental Affairs. This relationship requires that the Institute works closely with the department in its activities including partnership projects and programmes.

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Botanical Society of South Africa

The Botanical Society was formed in 1913. It is a membership driven organisation which was essentially founded to support the development of Kirstenbosch. BotSoc has, over the years, worked hard to fulfill its obligation, and has further extended its support to the other National Botanical Gardens around the country.

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National Research Foundation

The objective of the National Research Foundation (NRF) is to support and promote research in South Africa through funding, human resource development and the provision of the necessary research facilities.

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South African National Parks

SANParks manages a system of parks which represents the indigenous fauna, flora, landscapes and associated cultural heritage of the country.

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South African Tourism

SAT is the organisation that is mandated to market South Africa’s tourism assets, and SANBI’s Botanical Gardens are potentially prime tourism destinations for day trippers.

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Botanic Gardens Conservation International

The BGCI is an international organisation based at Kew. It serves as a useful platform that allows SANBI to network and share ideas and information with other botanical gardens, and like-minded people from across the globe.

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The WWF is the world’s largest independent conservation organisation, with a network of offices in over 100 countries and over 5 million regular supporters. SANBI regularly partners with WWF on key projects.

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More partners listed below:

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