South Africa’s biodiversity is conserved and enhanced to deliver sustainable benefits for all.


To provide leadership in biodiversity research, policy advice, conservation, and human capital development; and to promote the appreciation, sustainable use, and equitable sharing of the benefits of South Africa’s biodiversity.



  • Ubuntu – Harnessing, caring, sharing and being in harmony with all of creation.
  • Growth – Nurturing and empowering teams and individuals to grow and reach their true potential.
  • Respect and tolerance – Creating open, honest relationships built on trust, mutual respect, dignity and fairness AND valuing and accepting individuals and diversity.
  • Excellence – Providing service excellence through passion, professionalism, and commitment not just to our clients, but also to each other.
  • Accountability – Taking pride and responsibility in our work and caring for our environment and communities with honesty and integrity.
  • Transformation – We use equitable approaches to change the world, foster togetherness, and inclusivity within our organisation, the sector and our communities.
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